My REAL blog makeover is here

Remember the very first blog makeover I won in November from The Design Girl? (The other two I won were passed on to blog friends.)

To clear up any confusion, I didn’t get the makeover installed until last night! The other blog changes you’ve seen since then were just me using free backgrounds and trying out a few things.

How does it look? I want your honest opinions because it won’t hurt my feelings! I wanted more recent pictures in the header, but I had to settle with some photos from Summer 2008. They are awesome pictures that Ryan and I had taken by a talented photographer, but you’ve seen them before and I’ve seen them a lot. I just need something new, but I don’t have much to work with right now! (Hint: Ryan, we need new pictures too.) But it will definitely work for now.

Ryan took a few pictures of me over Christmas break in hopes of using a few for my new header. But… it was too cold, he didn’t have his favorite lens, and The Design Girl thought the older pictures would look better.

Ryan promised me said he’ll do my next blog makeover. Aww.. how kind of him to help his girlfriend out.

Side note: If you want to see more photos by Ryan Professional Ray, see his Flickr. He’s doing the 365 Project with his iPhone… oh and he is the proud owner of a Canon 7D (you’re welcome.)

Thanks for all your responses on my Writer’s Block post! Don’t forget you can ask me a question here anytime.


MORE giveaways if you are interested in that sort of thing:

Win a *Shey* [B] camera strap cover at Everything Etsy

Win a gift certificate to Gussy at Knack

Win an iPod Nano from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

Win some surprise goodies from Kelleidoscope

Dare I say I haven’t won a giveaway in several weeks now?


I posted twice today– here’s my other post (Where in the World Wednesday) incase you missed it.





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