A short letter to a long season

Dear Winter,

I’m gonna have to go ahead and put this out there…. You don’t have much going for you. Honestly, just the pretty blankets of snow and a couple holidays that you hold… but other than that, you don’t impress me much.

Even though I really do love the snow, I’m in the wrong part of Missouri. I don’t even see the white precipitation and yet I still have to put up with you. Bare trees, brown grass, cold temperatures… all unpleasant to all five senses.

But don’t get the wrong idea… Even if I lived somewhere with lots of snow, I’d be longing for the warm sunshine all the same. You just don’t do it for me, snow or not.

Your official dreaded arrival is a month behind us, but you were here long before then and you’re here for a while longer. You most certainly wear out your welcome… oh, but who am I kidding? You were never welcome. Or at least you should know that I didn’t invite you.

Oh, and did I mention you’re a tease? Sure, go ahead and give us a spring-like day in the middle of January… only to shove winter back in our face in the next moment. You leave me with spring fever, begging for more warm sunshine and 60+ degree temperatures. Is that you I hear laughing?

Okay, maybe I have the wrong impression that you are cold-hearted. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hateful and give you an invite since you know, you’re already here

So, I’m giving you an invitation to go ahead and LEAVE. How about you hibernate for a while ever?

(Spring, hello again! I’ve missed you.)

A girl living in the wrong state

P.S.- I hope to escape you someday so I don’t have to write any more hate mail.






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