Review of my weekend

What did you do this weekend?

I’ll tell you about mine, but it probably won’t keep your attention for long. Now just imagine living it if you can’t even read it. ;-)

Usually I don’t like weekends… sounds weird, I know. But it makes sense when they are long and turn depressing because I get lonely just sitting here by myself doing nothing.

However, this weekend wasn’t too bad. I almost went crazy on Friday night until my friend Tiffany told me to come over for a bit. Thank goodness! The next morning I also went to her house to stay with her baby while she napped and they got ready for her 1st birthday party. So I went to the party that afternoon… saw a few more people from high school. I’m one of the few without a kid of my own, which is kind of weird. The rest of Saturday I just hung out at home as usual, oh and worked on a Valentine something. My Mom and I ate a late dinner at Sybil’s that night and I was tired by 10 pm.

On Sunday I once again slept in (not a good habit I have going on) and later opened my genetics book for homework that afternoon. I was extremely intimidated and would’ve had an anxiety attack if it weren’t for my bff Nour. She helped me with every problem over the phone! I can’t thank her enough. As for how I’ll do the rest of the homework during this semester, I don’t know… but genetics has officially scared me. I had hope that I could buy the student solutions manual… but it’s under the password-protected instructor’s website. Oh, what a convenient place for the student solution manual. Sigh. I also watched The Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime. Did anyone else watch it? It was good, but wow, those girls had the wrong idea.

I also missed my boyfriend even more than usual because he was in Pennsylvania playing drums so we didn’t get to talk as much.

Could January please hurry up? I’m ready for February, because it’s closer to March and spring!

This week holds classes, babysitting, more genetics homework, a therapy appt… oh and cold weather. :(





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