You’ve Got Mail

I look forward to seeing what’s waiting for us in the mailbox each day. Why? I have no idea, because it’s hardly ever for me. If it is, it’s normally junk mail, not anything that would cause excitement.

I guess it’s just the possibility of what could be in there, which is still a slim chance to be anything good. I still have hope; maybe I’ll receive an unexpected check or a love letter sometime? ;) I think that’s why sending snail mail is kinda fun.. it’s something unexpected for someone when they check their mailbox. (A nice gesture of love for anyone in a long-distance relationship.)

There are a few times when I am expecting something, like giveaway goodies I’ve won or a shipment from online shopping. Even if I know what is coming my way, it is still fun to finally get it! (Excluding text books, of course.)

On Friday I received two things in the mail…

One, some alcohol-free wine that Ryan and I saw on Food Network. They make it just like normal wine, but then they remove the alcohol. That means you have the taste of wine with less calories, and of course no alcohol for people who don’t drink. Somehow I brought it up in a conversation with my friend Travis, and he thought it was a really neat product so he wanted to buy some for himself. He insisted on buying some for Ryan & me too (maybe because he received his military bonus that day?) so now we can try it for ourselves! But I have to wait until Ryan gets back here to try it with me. You will have some, right Ryan?

Two, the adorable Gussy I ordered. Still deciding what I should keep in it.. it’s so pretty I don’t want to get it dirty!

And next up, I will be anticipating the arrival of my new, custom purse from this Etsy shop. It took me forever to make up my mind, but within a day of my decision she had it finished! I think I’ll love it– it’s bright, not too big, one-of-a-kind, and fits perfect with my current spring fever.

Online shopping is too much fun!

Have you received anything good in the mail lately or are you waiting on anything to arrive?

Ryan, you should be expecting some things. :)






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