It’s Friday, I’m in Love Series

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

A fun blog series to document what you’re loving (started by B is for Brown)

Springtime…(duh!) The trees are no longer bare, the flowers have bloomed, the sunshine is warm, flip flops and dresses are back in, the car and house windows are open… it’s pretty amazing.
When this Flowering Pear was in full bloom, it looked like a tree covered in snow!

Receiving my speech bubble chalkboard in the mail that I won from Playing Grown-Up
This is my message to Ryan…

Winning a Gussy giveaway a few weeks ago. I plan to use the $30 credit on an adorable laptop bag like this.

New $70.00 Gap jeans that were free from the very first blog giveaway I won. I just got them a couple weeks ago though. I got lucky because they had a 0 petite in the store from an online return.
Applying for a scholarship from the S&T education department and being chosen as the recipient!
Our kitty cats.
Such a rough life being a cat and sleeping all the time. :)
A ball of fur (and fat, ha). She has the cutest belly ever, it’s curly fur.
Hiding out from the rain last spring
I only have 3 more weeks of class until the semester ends! But the best part is I get to see Ryan at the end of it! Woohoo!!!
Ryan.. I love that sweet boy. And miss him to pieces.
A four-year old picture.
Those are just a few things that came to mind … what about you?





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