Sneak Peek IV + More

As I’m studying for my Ecology final (on Thursday), check out another Acoustic Sneak Peak from John Tibbs Music.

This is a really good video and song called Remedy— trust me, you don’t want to miss it! Once again, awesome work boys! ;o) (Ryan doesn’t like to be called a boy.)


Also, here’s some giveaways you may want to enter… I want to win them!

The Pleated Poppy giveaway:
from The Sweetest Petunia, ends Friday.

Little Lovlies giveaway:
from My Ute, ends Friday.

Gussy giveaway:
from Bonjour, ends Thursday.


And check out a few precious pictures of my kitty. She sleeps in this drawer sometimes.

And on my clothes I leave on the floor.

She still needs a name. Hmmm… still open to suggestions.


How was your Tuesday?





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