From My Hands To Yours!

You may have noticed….I was on a nice blogging roll lately, but I got a little behind this past weekend.  It might be because I’ve traveled about 2,000 miles since Saturday!!!  I’ll be playing catch up soon and tell you about going to my Grandma’s, the John Tibbs album release party, and how excited I am that Ryan is back home for a few weeks!

For now… this is my last reminder.   Only because I wouldn’t want to miss out if I was you!

It’s your last chance to enter the Origins (John Tibbs) giveaway.  Since I went to Indiana yesterday, I finally have the t-shirt and (signed!!!) copy of Origins for the lucky winners!  Here’s all the stuff I’ll be giving away TOMORROW!

Enter here:

I plan to write a real post tomorrow when I am not so sleep deprived.  (I saw 5:30 AM this morning.)  Good night?!





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