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  • Summer Sensory {Part I}

    It’s inevitable. Every year, I try to get a tight hold on summer, remembering how quickly it faded the year before.  I always foolishly think I can hold it close and never let go.  I try not to let it out of my sight for a second.  But no matter how hard I try, it […]

  • Summer Strawberries

    What else screams summer like some fresh, homegrown strawberries straight from the garden to the kitchen? Or better yet…. a homemade strawberry pie made out of those juicy, red strawberries? Top off a piece with some whipped cream, and you have perfection.  (No picture of that because I was too busy eating it.  Notice I […]

  • Our Summer To-Do List

    Since Ryan made a list of his personal summer goals/daily routine, I decided we should make a list of things that we should do this summer together. Well, “we” started one (he ran out of ideas quickly) and here’s what we came up with…. Get hitched (JUST KIDDING) Go to the beach (That’s wishful thinking […]

  • Summer Purchase

    Guess what Ryan and I each bought on Monday? Here’s the big hint: A mode of transportation, fun, and exercise… It was his idea, but I bought one too. Obviously I thought it was a good idea. ……. If you guessed bikes, you are right! Ryan has been talking about getting one for a while, […]