Third Summer Purchase: Canon Rebel t2i

As of Sunday night, I am officially finished with my summer classes!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Woohoo!  YAY! That 9 credit hours would’ve put me behind another regular semester, but I knocked them out in the summertime!  I still feel like I had a summer though, at the same time (just SHORT as usual).  And they were just silly classes like History, Stats, and Poly Sci anyway.  ;o)

I just added 9 hours and 3 A’s to my transcript and as I knew before I started, it was all worth it!  Now, as far as how much I learned… that’s minimal.  Online classes are too easy for me to BS without having to read the textbooks, etc.  I would sit down the night an assignment (or final) was due and throw something together like I knew what I was talking about.  Why I feel like admitting this on my blog, I don’t know.. but that’s the horrible truth. I think it’s safe to say since my grades are already posted.

But the point is… I’M FINISHED!!!  Time to celebrate!  For one week… until I start classes again.  Ugh.  Next week I have a one week class (1 hour of credit) that is considered part of the Fall semester, even though the semester doesn’t start ’til the week after that.  It’s a lab safety class and I have NO labs left to take.  Kinda weird, eh?  I am still required to take it though… you know how that goes.  Then the next week I will officially start the Fall Semester.  WOW.  I know the summer flies, but really??  Is it REALLY that time?  The thought of fall makes me want to CRY!  But that’s a whole ‘nother post.

For now, in these last few “free” moments where I have NO classes resting on my shoulders… I’m going to celebrate!  I made my third and final big purchase of the summer.

It’s all Ryan’s fault (isn’t it always?!?).  Ever since he taught me how to use his dSLR I can’t keep my hands off of it!  Sooo…he recommended a dSLR for me and and now I’m about to have a Canon Rebel t2i in my possession!!!  And the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens to go along with it!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?!?!  Because I am!!! I am most certainly only a beginner, so here goes nothing…. but that’s the fun of it, right?!

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I also won a camera strap giveaway earlier this summer (is that fate or what?) so I hope to be receiving this camera strap soon… It’ll be perfect!

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3 responses to “Third Summer Purchase: Canon Rebel t2i”

  1. Melinda Avatar
    congrats on yr excellent marks and your t2i purchase. yr gonna have a blast!
  2. ClassyFabSarah Avatar
    I just bought the Rebel xsi and the same lens as you! Now if I would just take some pictures with it…. I'd be all set! :)
  3. Mindy Avatar
    Awesome!! I find it addicting! Just start shooting anything and everything. :)

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