Pad (Bag) Party

Last week, Ashley invited a group of women into her home for an evening devoted to helping others.  Specifically, women across in the world who do not have certain things that we take for granted here in America.  Something we think is as simple as menstrual products for our monthly cycle can actually be life changing.  To some women in Africa, their reality is missing out on school and living with infections because they simply do not have these supplies.

So we joined among other women across the country, with the project initiated by this blogger from Babe of my Heart, to make a difference in other women’s lives. The goal?  “To provide EVERY girl going to school from Korah and every girl and widow from Wiphan 10 washable pads each + 3 pairs of underwear” in a drawstring bag.  That’s 300 girls, at least.  Handmade and sewn with love for others who deserve the luxuries that we have, even down to sanitary pads.

Our goal last week was to make as many drawstring bags as we could!  With three sewing machines, many yards of cute fabric, and a small group of women, we did our very best!  Ashley and I even learned how to sew the bags along the way!  We started out just cutting fabric, but we somehow ended up behind the sewing machines.  It was a great evening enjoying each other’s company, with good food and conversation, but best of all, uniting together for the same cause.

Thank you, Ashley, for hosting this and inviting us to help.  Thank you to the patient seamstresses who pulled it all together and also taught others how to sew.  See you all again for Pad Party Part II next month!!!  Anyone else want to join?!  You won’t regret it.  :)  Just look at our night in photos…




















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  1. Saranray Avatar
    Those are great pictures! You know what I just saw/realized in these photos? That two mother in laws/soon to be, are teaching their daughters in love how to sew! Isn’t that precious! I love you Ms. Mindy!!!! I was also just thinking when is the next pad party? Wasn’t there a date set or not really? Let me know, so I don’t miss it.
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