College Senior Photography (Ryan Preview)

This past weekend, I did my first official photo shoot.  I say official because I’ve been taking photos non-stop ever since I got my dSLR, but this I would consider my first “shoot.” As in, I was behind the camera and taking photos of a certain subject for a specific purpose.  Somehow I was lucky enough to have the BEST LOOKING model out there!  His name is Ryan Ray and well, he happens to be my boyfriend.  Oh yeah, and he was HERE visiting me this weekend!

Ryan's College Sr Pictures 161

Our purpose was Ryan’s College (Super) Senior Photos.  He’s going to send them out to all his friends and family, high school style.  Just kidding, I’m sure he’ll use them for his blog, social media, etc.  And I might blow one up and hang it on my wall.

This photo shoot confirmed my idea to start offering my photography services to other people.  I’d like to start out with senior and individual portraits, but I may not be against doing family or other types of photos.  (Local bloggers and readers- let me know if you might be interested!)  Ryan is going to help me market my “business” and we’ll see where it goes from there.  He also needs to market his, but he’s too humble to do it for himself first.  Hah.

The photo shoot was fun and the sunset made for perfect lighting conditions.  We chased the sun down the country road and ended up in fields and on hay bales.  I can’t wait for our next shoot, which will have more of an “urban” theme.  Ha, if you can say that in this town.

Check out the final products, but just remember… he’s taken.  ;0)





To see more, click on the photos in the gallery and let me know what you think!

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    Looks great…you are a natural!

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