Join the Party!


Because the scale tipped over 100. (I’m only five foot with a petite frame! I rarely see three digits!) Ahem, keep in mind that my camera weighs a few pounds.


Because I ate one too many Hostess cupcakes.

Zumba! 7

Because my Mom bakes too many sweets and I feel obligated to eat the broken ones.

Because exercise is good for the body and mind.

Because working out should be fun.

Zumba! 4

Because it’s cool to be Zumbalicious.

That’s why I’m doing Zumba 2x a week this month.  Do you really need a reason to shake your booty though?

I dare you to try it if you haven’t!  You will be hooked and your body will thank you!

THANK YOU to Ashley for offering a Zumba class and being the best instructor!!!  :)

P.S.- Remember when I was thisclose to passing out several times when riding bikes this summer?  Yeah, I have to watch myself in Zumba too.  My body is weird.

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