Behind the Scenes Video

Thanks to Ryan the videographer, here’s a little peek into what really goes on during an M^2 Photo Session….

I hope you’ll notice that it’s really important to me that kids are having fun during photo sessions.  The Redburns did an awesome job of providing props and making it as fun as possible (even letting them get messy!)  Seriously… cake eating/smashing, painting, balloons, caramel apples…. how awesome!  I think your pictures are going to be 100x better if the kids are enjoying themselves and “forget” that they are being photographed.



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5 responses to “Behind the Scenes Video”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Perhaps we should join forces like Bobbi + Mike, but I shoot video instead of a second photog. ;)
  2. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    I like it Ryan, both pictures and video are so precious to parents (and couples in love, and extended family members, and well, about anyone else you can think of photographing) that it would be an awesome package deal!
  3. Kelly Gibbs Avatar
    Kelly Gibbs
    Love this! I don’t know if you ever look at NieNie Dialogues but she had a photo session and had some one shoot video during it. It was SO cool!
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