Tall Vs Short

Yesterday, a really tall friend of my parents’ that used to work with my Dad, came to our house for a visit.  He happens to be an alum from the same college I go to with a biology degree also.

Anyway, the point is that he’s really tall.  And I’m really short.  Which makes for a funny picture.

Short 3

I think I’ll add that to my collection of I’m Really Short Photos.   Or are they just really tall?

My cousin Joel.

Another friend of my parents’, Steve.

Who’s next to stand up to this five foot nothin’?!?





2 responses to “Tall Vs Short”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    They are just really tall, five foot nothing isn’t short! ;)
  2. Saranray Avatar
    I’m bringing over Joris then and we can add him to your pictures! Good comment on Ryan’s part… he’s use to his Momma being short too! lol

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