New Year’s Eve Celebration

On Friday, Ryan and I headed to P-Town, Indiana to hang with our friends Todd and Carrie.  It also happens to be his new place of residency since he FINISHED COLLEGE and all.  I think I forgot to mention that on my blog.. but I will!

So anyway, we went to get his room arranged and organized and to hang out for a New Year’s Eve celebration!  Little did he know that he would have to go back TODAY (after we just got back last night) for a job interview.  I’m so sad because I still have a week left of break and I hate when he has to leave.  :-(

We had a great time on our short trip though. I don’t usually like New Year’s Eve because it is SO overrated and there is so much pressure to have FUN FUN FUN bringing in the new year and the people on TV look like they’re having a blast at Times Square when I’m just at home in my PJ’s watching.

BUT it is what you make it!  This year was still simple, but it’s more fun when you spend it in a different environment and with fun people!  I was really tired by the time 2011 rolled around so I think I’m getting old.

New Year 2011 86

After we set up Ryan’s room that day and got a few things at Target, we were ready to celebrate the New Year.

{Mirror shot in Ryan’s new mirror in his new room}

New Year 2011 10

{Christmas lights across the street through Ryan’s window}

New Year 2011 22

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Indianapolis.  YUM!

New Year 2011 35

{Very abstract, but I like it.  It was a door.}

New Year 2011 36

New Year 2011 55 New Year 2011 56

{Isaiah, a friend of Todd and Carrie’s.  His GF lives out of state, so I feel his pain!}

New Year 2011 57

{We got salad, bread, and dessert with our meals!}

New Year 2011 59

{The making of this picture was HILARIOUS.}

New Year 2011 76 New Year 2011 77

{The guys.  I should’ve got a picture next to Isaiah cause he is TALL!}

New Year 2011 80

{The girls}

New Year 2011 104

{The biggest Christmas “tree” EVER!}

New Year 2011 100

New Year 2011 110

{Like my new sparkly shirt from Express?  Oh by the way, it was like 60 degrees and rainy.  Weird.}

New Year 2011 116

{I love my boy.}

New Year 2011 119

Then we went back to their house, had some wine, coffee, and cookies.. and watched the ball drop on Ryan’s iMac.  We were all too tired to do much else.  Ha, we’re big party animals, ya know!

New Year 2011 2

HAPPY 2011!!!!  I think this will be a good year… after all, I am GRADUATING at the end of the year!!!  And who knows what else is in store.  ;-)





5 responses to “New Year’s Eve Celebration”

  1. ClassyFabSarah Avatar
    Love all your photos of downtown Indy! As I was scrolling, I thought… hey, I’ve been there! Congrats to Ryan on his graduation! Woohoo!
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      I love the city, thanks for the congrats!
    2. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks!! Are you pretty close to Indy?
  2. CarrieJo Avatar
    Ah we are getting old if we are getting tired at Midnight!! So glad that you could come hang out!!!! It is always a good time with M2! :) And yes…it was 60 degrees but for some reason I bundled up because I was cold!!! Who knows! :)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      It was fun even if I’m a Grandma!!!! :) Wait I think you fell asleep while we were watching Family Guy… hehe

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