Winter Engagement Photo Shoot

Today, I assisted Ryan in a winter engagement photo shoot of my friend Tiff & her fiance Travis.  It was in the 20 degree weather and the snow.. but it makes for beautiful pictures!  I was the smart one who wore gloves, a hat, two pairs of socks, boots… Ryan, on the other hand, probably got frost-nip.  :o)

Anyway, here is a quick preview as we are in the process of sorting and editing… but we know that Tiffany couldn’t wait to see a preview.  So you get one too!  Plus, I’ve been neglecting my blog because my Aunt, Cousin & her bf, and MY boyfriend are here to visit!   Woohoo!






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  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    I think these rock, and the others are going to be so good!
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