Spring Has Sprung on M^2!

If you’ve been trying to access my blog for the past 24 hours, I apologize that it’s been in maintenance mode – but it’s for good reason!  If you are in a reader, click on over now!

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna have to go with the groundhog’s predictions and say it’s an early Spring this year!!!  This past week, we’ve had above-average temperatures in Missouri, reaching highs in the 70’s.  A-mazing. I even brought out the flip flops one day!!  Has your weather turned yet?

With that being said, Ryan and I thought it was time to change my winter blog theme out for a spring/summer one!!!  I knew I wanted flowers because I adore all the flower patterns on designer fabric.  If those designers would make their patterns into seamless templates for blogs I think they could make even more money and increase their sales!!!  I’d definitely buy one.  Anyway, I ended up buying a template from another website, and Ryan customized it a bit, using the colors from this fabric.  It definitely added a lot of color to my site and a spring feel!  I LOVE it!  Do you?!

Also, we added a much-needed photography page.  You will see it under the flowers in my header where it says, “Hire me”!  Click there to find out important  information about the photo services I offer!  YAY- exciting! :)  Pass the word on, locals!  Soon, I will also have a Photography page on Facebook, and I’m thinking about doing a photo session giveaway when it launches… what do you think?!

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for the launch of a couple’s blog that you won’t want to miss…  :)

P.S. – Button up!  Even if you don’t like my blog, the NEW button is adorable.  ;)  hah.  But really, copy and paste the code from my sidebar.  If you had my old button, it automatically will be replaced with the new button.  My blog designer is good like that.  Oh, contact him at www.ryancannonray.com. He’s awesome.





7 responses to “Spring Has Sprung on M^2!”

  1. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    I LOVE it. I wish it were a template that I could use for my blog. Or wallpaper for my computer. Or wall paper for my HOUSE! So lovely!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      YAY I’m glad you love it! :) I love to hear feedback! I bought the flower template from http://floralcy.com/. It looks so different after Ryan customized it!
  2. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    1. I often think you should start another business as an interior design consultant! :0) 2. Does Ryan hire out for blog design for anyone else? I’ve never had a “real” design done for my blog, but I would like to before I print it as a book… 3. Thanks for using one of our pictures on your “Hire Me” page! Seeing my family makes me smile. Also…yea for finally having one of those! I’m going to send out an email with your contact info to some local friends of mine right now! Hopefully you’ll get some more business soon! You’re great at what you do!!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      1. Ha, I don’t know about that! I think Ryan is good at that part, I just boss him around! ;) 2. Yes!! He has done websites like www.johntibbsmusic.com and www.bourgeatea.com, www.ryancannonray.com, www.jonathanclass.com, and well, the list goes on! Email him at ryanray@me.com if you want! 3. Aw – I loved taking your family pictures! :) YAY- thank you so much for all the support Ashley!
  3. Eclecticwhatnot Avatar
    First of all, I adore the name of your blog. I wish I had a cool name. I’m having name envy. Second of all, go you! So excited for your budding photography biz!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thank you!! Your name is cool too! :)
  4. CarrieJo Avatar
    looks super cute! love it! :)

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