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My boyfriend has been on an official job hunt since December.  He always has some sort of freelance job on his plate, but he is in need of something with regular pay.  He has the strangest luck with jobs, which is ironic because he is SUPER talented and has an incredible work ethic.  I’m not just saying that because he’s my boyfriend, but that is the truth.  If only employers knew his value…

Funny thing is he’s been turned down a few times for being “over-qualified.”  See, I’m not as biased as you think I am!

Yesterday he found a posting for a job that would be the perfect fit

WooThemes, one of his favorite places to buy WordPress themes (like the one you see on my site) is hiring a Community Manager.  He could work from anywhere, managing emails, support, and interacting with the WooCommunity through Facebook, Twitter, their blog, etc.  Are you serious?  Ryan is a media master!!!

Now we just need to convince the WooTeam that Ryan IS the best candidate for the job.  Could you help Ryan stand out among the crowd by checking out his blog post about it and liking/tweeting the “Hire Me” page he made for them?  It only takes a minute to click and support him!

Thanks for the help and I’ll be sure to keep you updated… :)

Check out some of these never before seen photos that I took of Ryan in the Fall…

Can’t you just seem him as the face of the WooCommunity??

Who can resist that angel face?  Oh, sorry!  ;-)





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  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Thanks for the sweet post :)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Anytime :)

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