Ryan’s New CycloCross Bike

Apparently the shopping spree wasn’t over.  Yesterday, Ryan got a new bike and is selling his old one (it’s REALLY old, he got it last summer – sarcasm!).  Ever since he bought his bike last summer, he decided he wanted a road bike too.  His fitness bike (Trek 7.1 FX) just wasn’t fast enough for him.

Thankfully he found a bike that is the best of both worlds and fits his needs.  He now has the 2010 Redline Conquest Sport.  He can ride it as a road bike (when he’s not with me of course) or slow down and take a more leisurely ride when he IS riding with me.

Yesterday we took our first bike ride of the season together and he tried out his new ride.  I think the cyclocross bike is the winner!

We actually rode almost 7 miles yesterday and I was pretty proud of myself considering I am out of shape.  I didn’t even come close to passing out!

I didn’t get a new bike, but I did sport my new bike jersey (that Ryan got me for Valentine’s Day), my new padded bike shorts, and my new CamelBak that holds 1.5 liters of water.  I got the shorts and the CamelBak on Sunday and I’m so glad I did!  For one, I feel like a professional (ha!).  The water is very light on my back and definitely worth the convenience of not having to reach down for water bottle. Also – the shorts and jersey keep me cool, unlike the cotton shirts & shorts I was wearing last year.

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Ryan's New Bike 60

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