Ryan’s New MacBook Pro

Yesterday Ryan and I photographed a wedding (I was shooting pictures for 10 hours!) so expect to see previews in the near future.  It was fun!!!


Today, however, we went on a little shopping spree.  Ryan justified the purchase of a 13″ Macbook Pro because he needs it for his work when he travels (ex- to visit me and for our Spring Break trip!)  It’s true. So… that meant another trip to the Apple store together.  How many is this now?!

When we told my brother we were going to the mall to buy one (which is a 1 hr+ trip for us to STL) he said, “That’s a big purchase for a Sunday!”  LOL, whatever that means… ?

We also stopped by Dick’s Sporting Goods and I am all set to be a professional cyclist.  Pictures soon.

Of course, we took the traditional pictures of the new Apple purchase.  Every Apple owner does, right?

Ryan's New MacBook Pro 3 Ryan's New MacBook Pro 5 Ryan's New MacBook Pro 15

Ryan's New MacBook Pro 28

Ryan's New MacBook Pro 27 Ryan's New MacBook Pro 23

Ryan's New MacBook Pro 34 Ryan's New MacBook Pro 39

Ryan's New MacBook Pro 43

YAY for two free drinks at Starbucks and nice baristas!  We got our drinks iced because it was SUPER nice outside today.  80 degrees.

Ryan's New MacBook Pro 8





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  1. Sara Avatar
    Hey, hey, hey…. I know he mainly comes to see you but, don’t forget about the momma here! He can bring his new apple to see me too! lol
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      Hey now, I come to see everyone just the same. Actually just you two ladies. :)
    2. Mindy Avatar
      I actually thought of that after I had posted it. I didn’t mean for it to come across that way, sorry! :) Of course to visit US!
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