Spring Break – Guess Where?!

Source: the roadtrip by JanuaryJonesPrints

Ryan and I are planning a trip to [insert city and state name here] during my Spring Break this year.  I am SOOO excited!!!

Can you guess where we’re going?


1) The city and state are both female names.

2) I’m not the devil, but I’m going there.

3) It’s on my mind…

4) We will step foot in the Atlantic Ocean (again! YES!)

5) We may eat a peach and drink some sweet tea while we’re there

6) It’s the first city of this state.

7) I will probably beg to move here.

8) My cousin Darah and her boyfriend Micah live there now.  Both of their names end in “ah” and so does the name of the city.


Okay, that’s enough!  Now it’s time for you to guess!

I might just send a souvenir or a postcard to someone who guesses correctly!





5 responses to “Spring Break – Guess Where?!”

  1. Karana Southard Avatar
    Karana Southard
    Atlanta, Georgia?? :)
  2. E_m_w_2007 Avatar
    Georgia?? Lol ;)
  3. Sara Avatar
    I know but, I don’t want to give it away! Can I still get a post card if I don’t tell?
  4. Angel Avatar
    Savannah, Georgia
  5. Hopebearer2004 Avatar
    can i get a postcard too?????? if i already know??? do darah and micah know you are going be there??? micah asked me if you were!

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