We Went Down To Georgia…

It’s SPRING BREAK!!!  Woohoo!!

We started out from Missouri at 2:14 PM on Friday afternoon.  Ryan drove ALL night, while I drifted in and out of sleep.  There was no possible way I could keep my eyes open; I have no idea how he did it!  Made it safely, nonetheless, in Savannah, Georgia around 9 AM Eastern Time.

My first time at Jimmy John’s.

Ryan doing homework and work in the car.

iHop for dinner in Kentucky!


Why Savannah?  We are here visiting my cousin Darah and her boyfriend Micah!  They just moved here about a month ago.

We got a few hours of sleep in once we got here, and then checked out the town on our bikes.  We went through Forsyth Park, around many squares, and to downtown and River Street.  There were TONS of tourists and tours and shops and restaurants, etc…Can’t wait to spend more time there.

Darah and Micah both work on the riverfront, so we checked out the Savannah Candy Kitchen, where Darah works.  The ice cream, taffy, gelato, and praline samples we tried were DELICIOUS!  Micah is a cook at a seafood place and they both worked this evening.

Ryan and I slept a few more hours and then woke up in time for dinner.  First we got coffee at Sentient Bean and then wee decided to go to Vinnie Van Go Go’s, a New York style pizza place.  YUM!   The rest of the night we walked down River Street and laughed at all the drunk people partying and dancing at the bars.  We didn’t join in this time.  ;o)

The trees are gorgeous…

River Street at night

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  1. I’m so jealous that you got to a Jimmy John’s before me! lol

    The tress…. oh, the Spanish moss!

    I love living trips through you guys! Keep the pictures coming!

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