Savannah, Georgia (Sunday, Day 2)

Now that I finished my 10 lesson unit plan and a history of science paper, I can breathe for a second.  That means I have a few minutes to edit pictures and post about our Spring Break trip to Georgia – finally!  I’ve missed my blog.

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The first and second day of our trip were the nicest ones there (weather-wise).  Unfortunately it was a bit cool (50’s-60’s) and rainy the rest of the trip.  At least we got to soak in some warm sunshine our second day before the storm rolled in.  Plus it SNOWED in Missouri while we were gone – what the heck?!

Savannah Sunday 1

Savannah Sunday 3

Savannah Sunday 8

Savannah Sunday 10 Savannah Sunday 11 Savannah Sunday 14 Savannah Sunday 21 Savannah Sunday 28

Micah, Darah, Ryan, and I went downtown to eat brunch at a yummy cafe, Goose Feathers, and then to check out some shops.  We went to a neat kitchen store, an outdoors store, and my favorite ….

Savannah Sunday 29 Savannah Sunday 31

…a honey store!  I’m not even a big fan of honey, but I think this is one of the neatest stores. Savannah Bee Company – a must see if you visit Savannah.  I actually bought Ryan a gift from here (online) before and didn’t realize we would be visiting it.  There is one store downtown (the better one) and one on River Street.  You can get samples of their honey!  We bought Ryan’s mom some Sourwood Honey (a local flower) and I got some Mint Julep chapstick.

Savannah Sunday 51

Savannah Sunday 49 Savannah Sunday 57 Savannah Sunday 42 Savannah Sunday 41

Our shopping was interrupted when it started POURING down rain, just around the time we took Micah and Darah to work.  Ryan and I walked through Forsyth Park to get coffee at a cafe and got absolutely soaked, even with our rain jackets on.  And the cafe was crappy so we didn’t even get any coffee after all.

After we changed into dry clothes and relaxed for a bit, we got BBQ for dinner and went to River Street.  If you aren’t familiar with Savannah, River Street runs along Savannah River and draws all the tourists.  It has shops and restaurants, where Darah and Micah both work.

Savannah Sunday 91

Darah works in Savannah’s Candy Kitchen – also one of my other favorite stores in Savannah.  Ryan and I visited there several times and got samples every time.  ;o)  We also bought some taffy, fudge, and praline!  There is a rival candy store down the street, River Street Sweets, which isn’t as cool.

Savannah Sunday 62

Savannah Sunday 73

Savannah Sunday 75

Savannah Sunday 77

Savannah Sunday 80

Savannah Sunday 83 Savannah Sunday 84 Savannah Sunday 87 Savannah Sunday 89

One last honey picture… displayed at night through the window… I LOVE the packaging, hence all the pictures.

Savannah Sunday 97

Stay tuned for Day 3 in Savannah!


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    in the text…as you can tell from my blog posts…lol. But I’ll take YOUR pictures any way I can get them! :0)
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    I like them in between the text. : )
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