Happy Snaps Photo Booth

There were several things that I loved about John & Emily’s wedding (besides of course, that hott photographer Ryan that they hired…haha).  One of them was the Happy Snaps Photo Booth that they had at their reception.

All the guests could choose some silly props and get their picture taken (for free) in the photo booth.  Instantly, we got a printed strip of our 4 photos (complete with a magnet on back!)  Not only that, but the company posts them online and you can look at all of them from the event and download them for free.  How awesome is that?!  Plus, what a great gift for the bride and groom at the end of the night!

There was a long line during the entire reception, but near the end of the night, our crazy table went and squeezed into the booth together.  It was hilarious just because those two guys in the back (Jon & Adam) are so funny!  Then each of the “couples” got their own photos.  I also posted the photos of the bride and groom … didn’t they both look stunning?!  Can’t wait to edit their photos and post previews!





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     Nice Pics :)
  2. Sara Ray Avatar
    Sara Ray
    How much fun!!!! See how fun mustaches can be! I love this idea! I chuckled at every photo! 
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