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Instagram Fun

These past few weeks, I’ve been using Ryan’s iPhone to take and edit some photos.  I decided that I want an iPhone just for the camera and photography apps, like Instagram!  It’s so fun!

Do you agree that “the best camera is the one that’s with you?” (Chase Jarvis).  Sometimes I don’t want to carry my dSLR around with me, but I still want a photo of something.  The iPhone is always there.  :)  Make the best of the camera you have and your memory is saved forever.

Here’s some photos I wanted to share with you….

Wedding photographers taking a lunch break


Sunset on the way to Missouri


Starbucks stop


Passing the Arch in STL


Saturday morning breakfast & coffee at Le Peep in downtown Indy


It was my first time at Le Peep!


Ryan recently got new glasses and now he is twins with Jon Class.


We’re THAT couple…I picked out my shirt to match him.


Did I mention we keep Starbucks in business?  Proof: Ryan got a gold card!


Thank goodness Toms has a 100% Happiness Guarantee.  My poor Toms were prematurely wearing and so I have a new pair coming my way.



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