Lindsey & Nick’s Engagement Video

Back in July, Ryan and I had the privilege of filming an “engagement video” for the first time.  Ryan came up with the idea based on other videos he has seen and Lindsey & Nick also thought it was a great idea.  It was really fun to “interview” them about their love story and as usual, Ryan did such an awesome job of putting it all together in the editing process.  :)

They decided to play the video at their wedding reception this past weekend, which the guests seemed to really enjoy.  We filmed their wedding too, so in the next month or so, check back for their wedding highlight video.  It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding and we are so glad that we could be part of capturing their big day!

Check out some sneak peek video stills from the wedding and then enjoy their sweet love story (they’ve been together for 10 years!!!)

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5 responses to “Lindsey & Nick’s Engagement Video”

  1. kelley Avatar
    Sure loved watching this video at the reception!  Such great editing, and the setting was just perfect! 
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      Thank you very much Kelley! Lindsey picked the location, worked great. :)
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    I bet this was SO FUN for you two to do together!!
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      Lots and lots of fun! Nick and Lindsey are great and made it wonderful. ;)
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