Aunt Mindy & Uncle Ryan!

As of yesterday, we are officially Aunt Mindy & Uncle Ryan! Ryan’s brother and his wife welcomed their first baby, Aubrey Marie, into the world! She was a perfect and healthy 8 lbs and 20 inches long! We cannot wait to meet her when we go back home and visit! We’re so happy for their new little family. I love how proud Ryan’s Mom is as Grandma too. :)

Look how cute and sweet she is…








2 responses to “Aunt Mindy & Uncle Ryan!”

  1. classyfabsarah Avatar
    Oh my goodness, what a precious angel!! Let me tell you, nieces and nephews are the absolute guest. Best gift I’ve ever gotten from my in-laws by FAR!!
  2. Sara Ray Avatar
    Sara Ray
    That’s really sweet! Can’t wait for you guys to meet her and love on her. She’s so precious!!

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