Tag: Christmas

  • Christmas Pretzels

    Another thing on our Christmas To-Do List was to “make Christmas sweets.”  I know Ryan is a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels and they’re pretty simple so we did those first.  I’d say we mastered Chocolate Covered Pretzel Making….

  • Second Time’s A Charm {Gingerbread House}

    One of the things on our Christmas To-Do List and a first for me (and Ryan?) was to make a Gingerbread House.  Or maybe I should be more specific and say decorate a Gingerbread House… since we bought a kit.  One of the houses already came pre-assembled too — what a deal.  We thought about […]

  • New Year’s Eve Celebration

    On Friday, Ryan and I headed to P-Town, Indiana to hang with our friends Todd and Carrie.  It also happens to be his new place of residency since he FINISHED COLLEGE and all.  I think I forgot to mention that on my blog.. but I will! So anyway, we went to get his room arranged […]

  • Christmas Light Tour

    On the Eve of Christmas Eve, Ryan and I ate some yummmy Mexican food, got some coffee from Panera to stay warm, and drove around looking for Christmas lights on houses.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to see.  I guess people aren’t feeling quite as festive as the Griswold’s to put up Christmas lights on […]

  • New Guilty Pleasure

    On Christmas Eve, at Ryan’s Grandparents, I discovered my new favorite wine.