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  • Class of 2010

    On May 22,2010, my brother, Steven, graduated from High School.  In all honesty, we were never quite sure if this day would come.  Yes, I was Valedictorian of my graduating class, so you could call us opposites.  Ah, the infamous debate, nature vs. nurture? You can’t deny we are related though when you see us side […]

  • Tweet Tweet

    Dear Twitter followers, I’m sorry that I am a really annoying person to follow on Twitter. Once in a blue moon, I tweet about something that probably isn’t Tweet-worthy in the first place. But most of the time, I tweet about giveaways to earn extra entries. Or in the case of the @dealsplus Apple a […]

  • Fifty-one

    Today we would be celebrating my Dad’s 51st Birthday, just like we celebrated each birthday before that on the 21st of May. But he’s with Jesus this year. Celebrating an eternal life with Him. Can you imagine? Me neither. It’s far too perfect for my mind to fathom. I am at peace that he is […]

  • Surprise Spring Picnic

    On late Sunday afternoon, my Mom and I took my paternal Grandparents on a surprise picnic to a near-by spring (where we had my Dad’s memorial service). They were pleasantly surprised when they figured out where we ended up! We drove around and then had chicken salad sandwiches, chips, and cookies for our picnic dinner. […]

  • Inner Circle Reunion (minus Ryan)

    Last Monday evening, my Aunt Marcie and my cousin Darah, along with Darah’s boyfriend Micah, arrived at our house after riding a train half way across the country. It was a bittersweet day because I had to say goodbye to Ryan (more on that soon), but got say to hello to my sweet family that […]