Class of 2010

On May 22,2010, my brother, Steven, graduated from High School.  In all honesty, we were never quite sure if this day would come.  Yes, I was Valedictorian of my graduating class, so you could call us opposites.  Ah, the infamous debate, nature vs. nurture? You can’t deny we are related though when you see us side by side.

Thankfully, he was part of the Class of 2010 graduation and received his diploma, despite many years of listening to my parents fight with him about getting out of bed in the morning or forcing him to do his homework.  It makes me feel really old now that he is officially out of school because he still seems like a little kid to me.  Plus, his classmates were freshmen when I was a senior.  I don’t really know anyone that is left in high school!  That’s my definition of old.

Mr. Bond, awarded teacher of the year, is one of our favorites too (we both had him) so we grabbed him for a picture.  On my last day of high school, I went in to say bye to him and started crying.  That was the only time I cried in my whole process of leaving high school!  I’m not sure why I did, because I have seen him and talked to him since.  I guess it just all hit me at that moment.

Along with my Mom, Ryan, and I, our paternal Grandparents and our Aunt Fran and Uncle Jim came to cheer him on.  One very important person wasn’t (physically) there to see my brother walk across the stage…  but I know my Dad was there in spirit.  I knew that it would be hard to see my brother graduate without him there.  This picture of our immediate family is really good, but it would be perfect with him in it.  Pictures of our family just aren’t complete anymore, they do not seem the same at all.

My Dad’s parents were there though, and I know they were really proud.  Also, my Dad’s sister and her husband didn’t want to miss it.

Ryan and I each had a video camera in hand, getting this momentous occasion on “film.”   Hopefully it won’t take Ryan three years to edit the video (ahem, yes, I’m still waiting on mine) but he claims he will do them both soon.  Oh, to be so talented and not have enough of you to go around!

I love this picture of my sweetie and me!  Our outfits matched without prior planning, we’re just that good!

Afterwards, we went out to dinner at the local fine-dining restaurant, Sybill’s, and celebrated.  After-all, my brother now joins me as alumni of John F. Hodge!!!





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  1. KJHartenstein Avatar
    I love your outfit Mindy, where'd you get it?
  2. Tina Avatar
    Glad I found your blog again!
  3. Miss Anonymous Avatar
    Miss Anonymous
    I don't think you want a lot of ryan to go around ;)
  4. Mindy Avatar
    Me too! :)
  5. Mindy Avatar
    Thank you!! It's one of my FAVORITE dresses! I got it at Delias this spring.
  6. Mindy Avatar
    Haha, well I definitely don't want him cloned!

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