Saturday Catch-Up

How does time slip away so quickly? I haven’t blogged since Monday and I didn’t mean for that to happen. I can’t blame it on tests again… but I can blame it on the fact that I feel like the energy is sucked out of me every day.

I hope I don’t bore you, but I don’t know where else to start except with a catch-up…

The beginning of this week brought some snow… not 9 inches like they first predicted, but enough that my Mom had to drive me to class for a few days. My brother (who is a senior in HS) had half a week of snow days! Not fair!

I had three appointments this week… doctor, dentist, and therapist!

I went to the doctor because my therapist recommended anxiety medicine. It’s actually an anti-depressant, but also helps anxiety — and is very much needed in my life right now. It takes about two weeks to start working so I’m patiently waiting…

Oh, but also my Mom started on the same medicine yesterday. Her blood pressure is dangerously high and it’s probably due to stress/anxiety. (Anxiety is hereditary, did you notice?) We are currently trying to get new health insurance right now and I think we are about to get rejected.

My dentist appointment was fine since they didn’t take x-rays (and hence the words ‘wisdom teeth’ were not mentioned).

My therapy appointment was more talk about anxiety. (I’m tired of saying that word.)

I babysat Wednesday night and Friday night. I am also babysitting tomorrow (Valentine’s Day! That’s what happens when your bf is long-distance.)

Even though I didn’t end up with any cancelled classes due to snow, my Psych class was cancelled on Wednesday. I also have two cancelled classes in the upcoming week. Yesss.

I found out my other test scores from last week. Good and bad news.
In Ecology I got over 100. (Even though I missed 9, I got 11 points extra credit. He made commonly missed ones extra credit, which happens to be ones that I knew.)
In Genetics I got an 83… I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s one of my worst test scores ever. It’s frustrating because I do understand the material, but I was rushed to get the extremely long test finished in 50 minutes.

On Thursday night, I went to a worship service on campus held by the Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF). I told my therapist I would go in November.. and I know it’s February, but hey– better late than never! A friend from high school went with me and it was really good! They are doing a series on The Sermon on the Mount and that night it was about Matthew 5:27-30 (Adultery/Lust/Sex). We plan to go back on Thursday nights.

If you recall, I am reading the Bible in one year. I got behind in the past week (because again, I am so tired all the time), but I intend on getting caught up.

Whoa (sad):
I actually fixed my hair and put on make-up yesterday… I had to send my bf a picture!

Does anyone have any ideas for this exhaustion and also disruptive sleep? I wonder if it is related to the a word or maybe depression and perhaps my medicine will help…





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