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  • The Kenya Mercy House Baby Shower

    I know I just blogged about February’s “Helping From Home” service project (Sole Hope)… but I am back again with this month’s project!  And you will soon here about April’s project so I hope you don’t mind.  :)

  • Home Video- Country Karaoke

    You may or may not know that when I was 8 years old, I thought I was the next country star.  ;-)  I went through a “cowgirl” phase, and well, it didn’t last long…

  • Darah & Micah Preview

    On Sunday, Ryan and I did a photo session just for kicks and giggles of my cousin Darah and her boyfriend, Micah.  Isn’t that way cool that their first names BOTH end in “ah”?

  • Valentine’s Day 2011

    If you know Ryan or me, you know that Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal.  For us.  214 is our day.  Read our love story here if you are interested.  Or stay tuned for a new blog where you will hear a lot more from US.

  • Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland

    In my search for more Valentine-themed crafts, I found “Simple Heart Garland” from Smile and Wave. Love this idea!  :)