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  • Children Photography (Marcee Preview)

    I have three sets of photos I am currently working on from this past weekend.  All the shoots went well and I’m happy with the results!  I also just booked another photo shoot with a family (it will be so fun!).  I can’t believe I am the one behind the camera, in charge of capturing […]

  • Another A-maze-ing Weekend

    I am officially spoiled. I got to hang out with Ryan TWO weekends in a row.  This is record breaking and awesome. This time he made the 6-hour trek to Missouri (it’s only fair, you know) in his Ford Escort (heheh) while I was the one patiently pacing the floors for 6 hours.  We had […]

  • College Senior Photography (Ryan Preview)

    This past weekend, I did my first official photo shoot.  I say official because I’ve been taking photos non-stop ever since I got my dSLR, but this I would consider my first “shoot.” As in, I was behind the camera and taking photos of a certain subject for a specific purpose.  Somehow I was lucky […]

  • Just Around The Corner

    Romance, that is, according to my fortune I got on Saturday (during the Local Blogger Meet-Up, more on that soon).