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  • Spring Semester Update

    This is the beginning of the 5th week of the Spring 2011 Semester and so far, so good.  1/4 of the way through! A few updates… 

  • Keyboard {For Sale}

    Two years ago, I bought this used Casio Privia PX-100 Digital Piano off of eBay.  It was my Christmas 2008 present to myself.  I had started taking piano lessons (during my Fall 2008 semester off of school) and had good intentions on continuing to learn.  And then school happened again.  It never fails to take […]

  • I’m With The Band {ISYC 2010}

    Thanksgiving break wraps up tonight and school starts up again tomorrow (boo!).. but with only two more weeks of classes (woo!).  It’s been a busy, but FUN break and so I’m going to have to post about it in different parts…

  • Christmas in November

    Was yesterday the beginning of November or December?  I’m a bit confused by the mixed messages.

  • Tooting My Own Horn, Again!

    One part of becoming certified to teach in Missouri is taking the CBASE (College Basic Academic Subjects Examination) and getting at least a score of 235 in each subject (unless your college requires higher, which mine does).  The different subjects you are tested on are English, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Apparently, you are […]