I’m With The Band {ISYC 2010}

Thanksgiving break wraps up tonight and school starts up again tomorrow (boo!).. but with only two more weeks of classes (woo!).  It’s been a busy, but FUN break and so I’m going to have to post about it in different parts…

So let’s start with Part I! ;o)

Friday the 19th… classes ended, break started.  Packed for 5 days and hit the highway to Indiana, “The Crossroads of America.”

First stop… STARBUCKS.  Did you take advantage of their Buy One Holiday Drink, Get One Free deal?  It was last Thursday through Sunday and I took advantage of it everyday except Thursday!  I think it’s supposed to be “buy one, share one” but when you’re by yourself… you have to drink both!  ;o)

{Also did you buy a gift card yet and register it? Ryan and I made it to 5 stars!}

ISYC - 2010 2

You could say that the money I saved on gas I spent on coffee… does that justify it?

ISYC - 2010 3

I actually stayed in the Indianapolis area for the weekend because Ryan was playing drums with John Tibbs at ISYC {Indiana State Youth Convention}.  It’s a weekend-long convention with 1500 high school & junior high students and their leaders from Churches of God across Indiana.  The band was awesome, the speaker was awesome, the location was awesome (downtown Indy)… I’m so glad I was able to go to support my boyfriend.  And just because I wan’t really “part” of the convention doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything out of it spiritually!

{To learn more about John Tibbs, go to johntibbsmusic.com}

ISYC - 2010 190

ISYC - 2010 269

ISYC - 2010 303

ISYC - 2010 267

ISYC - 2010 260

ISYC - 2010 273

ISYC - 2010 221 ISYC - 2010 150

ISYC - 2010 146

I stayed with Carrie (wife of another band member, Todd) and we hung out with the boys and went to all of the services (besides Saturday morning because I slept in until 1 pm!)  She’s super sweet.

ISYC - 2010 314

We DID buy one, share one.  Thanks Carrie!

ISYC - 2010 111

You can always find us at Steak ‘n Shake late-night.

ISYC - 2010 108

We ate “family style” at Buca di Beppo on Saturday night.

Em & John

ISYC - 2010 135

ISYC - 2010 121

ISYC - 2010 125

T.G.I. Friday’s for lunch on Sunday.

ISYC - 2010 311

Sometimes you just have to go with the classic chicken strips.

ISYC - 2010 313

Hello sweet boyfriend who carries my heavy, girly bag for me around the city.

ISYC - 2010 317

On Sunday, everyone packed up and we drove to Anderson.  Ryan had classes on Monday & Tuesday (I had the whole week off) so we just hung out, rested up, and drove back to Missouri on Tuesday.  I wrote a post on the road and posted a picture of what I bought at the Apple Store on our way back….when we got home, I set it up.

To be continued!





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  1. emily Avatar
    It was nice having you around! I thought you were going to be back at MYF this weekend. Didn’t know you weren’t sticking around :/ sorry I didn’t get to say bye.
  2. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    You get to go on some super fun adventures!!!! I just love how cute you and Ryan are ;o)
  3. John Avatar
    Love the blog! Can I steal one of the pics for a Facebook Profile?

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