Summer Strawberries

What else screams summer like some fresh, homegrown strawberries straight from the garden to the kitchen?

Or better yet…. a homemade strawberry pie made out of those juicy, red strawberries?

Top off a piece with some whipped cream, and you have perfection.  (No picture of that because I was too busy eating it.  Notice I didn’t remember to take a picture of the pie until after we cut into it.)

A few weeks ago, Ryan’s Momma picked the strawberries from a friend’s garden, and then another friend of hers made a pie out of them.  It was soo delicious, I took my sweet time to slowly take in every bite.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure this was the best pie I’ve ever had.  I’m not usually one for pie (don’t get me wrong, I love sweets), but this was a definitely an exception.  No way would I pass this one up.

Am I making you hungry yet?

Sweet, sweet summertime goodness.

What’s one of the best pies you’ve ever tasted?





2 responses to “Summer Strawberries”

  1. Britt K Avatar
    Britt K
    Super yumm-o! I love strawberry pie! I actually just had it for the first time earlier this year! Hope you are enjoying your summer!
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    Holy cow, that pie looks TASTY. I am so hungry now!

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