Christmas at Grandma’s

Over the river and through the woods

to Grandmother’s house we go went!

From Monday through Wednesday of last week, my Mom, Ryan and I visited my maternal Grandma in a Winter Wonderland (6 hours from here). My cousin Christy and her kids, who live in Florida, also visited. It was a short, but sweet Christmastime visit.

There was a ton of snow, so Ryan and I went out in the TEN degree weather and went sledding for a bit. I was SO EXCITED to be in so much snow!! I put on two thermal shirts, two turtlenecks, a sweater, a hoodie, a coat, a jacket, a hat, a scarf, three pairs of pants and two pairs of socks. Oh and some oversized boots. I could barely move (or breathe)! Want to see for yourself? Watch the embarrassing video here that Ryan uploaded to YouTube! (Yes, I do realize that I look like a 10 year old.)

My boyfriend is sooo cute. I took this and it’s in focus!
Mindy: 1 7D: 50

I forced him to make a snow angel. I’m sure he was going to anyway.

Catching my breath? I’ll admit, this was a major workout just walking in the snow.

My 19 month old (second) cousin loves ice.. she takes after me I guess..

She is just too precious. If I was married, she’d give me baby fever. My Mom, who doesn’t even like kids very much, said I need to start making babies! That’s just how cute she is.

That’s her 6-year-old brother, who has rosy cheeks from the cold weather! He’s so smart and sweet.

My Grandma’s mean cat who hissed when we looked at her.

Add one more point to my score. How do I look with that expensive piece of equipment that I probably shouldn’t be touching?

Someone has the Christmas spirit… a yard we passed!
P.S.- I can’t take credit for most of these photos.





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