I’m feeling bloggy!

Tonight was my brother’s Senior Prom! If you knew my brother, you would be very surprised that he rented a tux and went to Prom! His date was his truck and he got a vest and tie to match it. Hunter green. Well actually he just came home with a girl and informed me that he really did have a date. News to me! He’s a funny kid. I don’t talk about him on here much because we are totally different people and can’t relate very well. But hey, we’re still brother and sister.

My Mom and I snuck in to Prom earlier today to see how it looked and to take some pictures. It was really awesome!! The theme is “The Captain’s Prom” and they made it look like it was on a ship. It’s in the Middle School cafeteria but they did a great job of decorating to make you forget where you really are. I actually felt nostalgic as I looked around at all the decorations… It surprised me because I would not go back to high school, but I did have lots of fun at our Proms with Ryan. He was a hott date and it made me a little sad we don’t get all dressed up and go to Prom anymore.

My brother said there was valet parking… how cool is that?!

In other news, I’ve been really really busy chasing my kitten around. Seriously, she is almost like taking care of a baby. She (still without a name) cries a lot and sometimes for no apparent reason. I think she is lonely for other kittens, poor thing. Also, my hands are all scratched up because she doesn’t have her siblings to beat up. She loves to follow us around the house, be held, and of course.. play!
She is sooo precious when she is falling asleep (and how I am glad when she finally does). Today she fell asleep on my shoulder (she likes to sit there) and it was quite uncomfortable for me. Especially when she leaned over on my head. See? She was asleep like that!

But the bad news? She has fleas. EW,ew,ew! And she is too young for any flea treatment yet so I’ve had to use a flea comb, give her two baths (FYI: cats don’t like water), and clean the house so we don’t get fleas! The flea comb reminds me of when I had lice in elementary school and it seriously grosses me out. I’m determined to get rid of these fleas FAST.
I also researched kittens the other day and it said that 6 weeks (her age) is too young for them to be taken away from their mother. 8-12 weeks is best, mostly because they need all the nutrients from their mother’s milk. So I am buying her some kitten milk formula to keep her healthy! She isn’t really eating dry food yet either. But she is doing good for being so young.

And for even more news, I only have one more week of classes (plus the Monday of finals week)! How exciting is that?! I have three finals and one paper left, to be exact. I’m so close and I am losing motivation quickly. (But I better find more motivation when I start summer classes.)
And guess what’s even better?!? Ryan will be home in a week!!! Seriouslycan’twait. I am getting so impatient. I need to write about the last time I saw him (spring break/Easter) because I didn’t do that yet. Shame shame, I’m a slacker blogger!

I hope you had a good May Day! April flew right past me, but it always does. I spent my day babysitting some really sweet kids I hadn’t seen in a while. Oh, and before and after that I babysat my cat. Ha.

My license plates expired today and since Missouri had a new plate design a year or two ago, I had to get brand new ones. I’ve actually had personalized plates since I started driving and I decided I would just get regular plates this time. Oh and by the way, the new design is really dumb. It’ll be hard to get used to my car without my name on it, but I can still distinguish my car from others since it’s always so dirty from our gravel road.
Here’s my old plates that said my old nickname “Minday.” Maybe I’ll get personalized plates again someday, but for now I’ll be like everyone else.

I hope you enjoyed this real blog post. :o)






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