8 AM Comes Too Soon

Who in their right mind takes a summer class (worse yet, a history class) from 8 AM-10 AM everyday of the week?

*raises hand*

Well, although I am still questioning if I’m sane or not, I am taking the class.  Let me try to justify it.

My initial thoughts were…

1) It’s only 4 weeks long and Ryan will be gone at camps the last 2 weeks

2) I’d rather take the class for 4 weeks instead of 16 during a normal semester.

3) I really need to take the class now anyway so I can graduate in Fall 2011 instead of Spring 2012

4) Half of the tuition is paid for by Pell Grants.

5) It’s at 8 in the morning… well, it’s my only choice.  It’s not that early, right? ….

Actually, it’s way too early!  I have to get up, at the latest, by 7 AM.  Which also means I have to go to bed by 11 pm to get my very minimum of 8 hours of sleep.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.  It’s summer for goodness sake!  So… I’ve taken a nap almost everyday.  By nap, I mean 2-4 hours of sleep.  Some days I have had multiple naps because trying to read history textbooks or Heart of Darkness is like a strong dose of sleeping medicine.

This has been my life the past three weeks.  Exhausting. (How will I ever survive working teacher hours?!?)

OH, but wait.  Add to that 6 more hours of classes.  Although the other two are online and I can choose when I work on them, I still have to juggle all three classes.  Plus sleeping and a little bit of downtime.  I’m horrible at balancing school with anything else.  Like I said though, Ryan is gone this week and next week, so I’m not missing out on anything for now.  The first two weeks we were able to take a few bike rides and hang out, and my weekends have pretty much been free.

My online classes are Political Science and Introduction to Statistics and my seated class is Modern Western Civ.  Are those your definition of fun or what?!   I don’t know if you can sense the sarcasm, but I am not fond of politics or history.  Stats, on the other hand, I can deal with.

The two online classes are 8 weeks, with a week long break for the fourth of July.  (Score!)  My history class ends next Friday- Hallelujah!!!  It will dramatically lighten my work load (and increase my sleep), thus allowing the rest of my summer to be more relaxing.

Next week I have a final and two midterms, which marks the end of one class and the halfway point of the others.  I’ve been kind of on a weekly homework schedule where I have assignments due on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  I’ve been doing everything last minute, but still getting good (surprising) results.  Especially in political science where I haven’t the slightest clue of what I’m talking about.  Honestly!

Regardless of whether I like the classes or not, they are required.  As much as it sounds like I am hating on them, I am really glad I will have 9 hours of unpleasant classes out of the way before the Fall semester starts.  I definitely won’t regret it, even if it cuts back on my summer fun a little bit!  But I won’t let that happen too much.  ;o)

Bring on the homework and let’s get this over with!






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