On The Road Again

Last weekend, Ryan and I put my new car to the test and took it on the well-traveled path to Indiana.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve made that trip from here to there and back, but it was a new adventure in a Hybrid!  I was hoping to get 50 MPG +, but we got around 44.  Bummer, eh?  Only kidding; that is a good 10 more miles to the gallon than my old car!  I think you’d have to go about 60 miles-per-hour to get the maximum mileage on the highway.  We didn’t have time for that, as we already got a late start (4 pm).

The reason we were on the road again was because Ryan had to meet up with John Tibbs and band to head out to camp.  They’re finishing up a week of camp in Pennsylvania and tomorrow they’re traveling to Michigan for another week.  When they get back from Michigan, they’ll celebrate their album release with a party and then Ryan will come back to Missouri for several weeks.  I’ve definitely been missing him this week, but at the same time I am really excited for these opportunities he’s been given!

Anyway, last Saturday our plans were to get on the road after I took the C-BASE (standardized test for education majors), which was supposed to be 8 AM- 12 noon.  However… I skipped it.  I was entirely too exhausted from my week of class and figured I probably wouldn’t have done very hot on it.  As long as I don’t have too many problems passing it when I take it this fall, I’ll be okay.  Potentially, it could put be behind on graduating, but let’s hope not!

So after taking our sweet little time, we got on the road.  We made quite a few stops on the way- Panera, Starbucks (twice!), a stop for gas and air for my tires, where we found one of the caps on the tires was missing.  That led to a trip to Walmart and I think that was our last stop before reaching Todd and Carrie’s house.  By that time it was midnight (central time) and I still had to travel 45 more minutes to my friend, Nour’s house!  Needless to say, I don’t think I got there until like 3 AM eastern time and I felt pretty bad for interrupting her sleep.

The next morning we slept in a bit and then had the morning and afternoon to hang out.  It was a very quick visit, as I had to get back for another week of classes, but it was still really great to see her!  We both showed each other our new cars- she just bought her very first car, so exciting!  Nour drove me around her adorable city, we ate some fruit and dessert at a local park, stopped by an Old Navy (ooops, not in my budget!!), and I longingly looked at the awesome bike path they had around the town.  Our time together ended too quickly and I had to get back on the road to Missouri, but I was very thankful that it all worked out and I could see her for a bit!  See you again soon, friend?!?





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  1. Crystal Avatar
    How fun! It's always nice to get a new car :)
  2. caroline Avatar
    Such cute photos!!! Sending you a hug lady!! XO
  3. Libbybonjour Avatar
    love your new blog! i've been going back and forth about switching over to wordpress. You should write a post about pros and cons of blogger vs. wordpress. Thanks for the comment love.

    Libby Bonjour

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