Origins {plus a big giveaway}

Hey YOU!  Yes, you!  I have an exciting announcement to make and a giveaway you do not want to miss…

The long-awaited album ORIGINS is finally here!!!

Congrats to John Tibbs and band on the release of their very first full-length album!!!  It is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, or through  I may have got ahold of an early copy (maybe because my boyfriend is the drummer?) and may have been playing it non-stop in my car for the last month.  Okay, yes, I have the whole thing memorized.  But I’ll have you know that I bought it on iTunes too because I support the band for all their hard work that they put into this album.  They did an amazing job (biased or not)!

Last week they ended one day at #40 on the top selling Christian albums on iTunes; right up with the “big name” artists like Chris Tomlin and Hillsong United.  How awesome is that?

God has some big plans in store for these guys, I just know it!  And the plans are big because it is all for HIM! God is using John Tibbs and his talents as a means of drawing others closer to Him.  The whole band agrees that this music is to make Jesus famous, and not themselves!  It is just so exciting and I’m not even in the band.  I can’t wait for more people to hear it so I can only imagine how they feel!

If you want one of the songs for FREE (and why wouldn’t you?), check out this blog post to see how easily it’s done.  Fair warning though, after you get that song you’ll want the whole CD.  I’m not just saying that either, and nope, I do not get paid for this.  I simply just want to share this with you because it’s music you want to hear.  Also, if you want to listen to all of the songs and not just a short preview before buying them, just go to John’s blog where you can hear the full versions.

Meet the band…(from top to bottom) John Tibbs, Todd Liles, Myles Heck, and Ryan Ray. Do they not have the coolest names or what?

And now for the big giveaway….

Because I personally think everyone and their brother should hear this CD, I am asking you to share it with your friends, family, internet friends, etc… and in return, I will offer some pretty cool incentives.

I have three $10 iTunes gift cards, a John Tibbs Music t-shirt, a physical copy of the John Tibbs album, and get this…. a brand new IPOD SHUFFLE to give away!!! Add that up and it means there will be six winners in all, chosen at random.

There will be several ways to enter since there are various ways you can get the word out.  Choose one or choose all.  Don’t let it overwhelm you, any small way you can help is awesome!  And gives you a chance to win, too.

Free entry: Leave a comment on this post, any comment will do!!

For extra entries….

  • Blog about the album + this giveaway.
  • Facebook about the album + this giveaway.
  • Tweet about the album + this giveaway.  Include @johntibbsmusic in your tweet.
  • Request the free song, Captivate.
  • Follow John Tibbs on Twitter
  • Friend John Tibbs on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed and leave a comment on his blog.
  • Buy the album (get it on iTunes, Amazon, or order a physical copy) and rate/review it.
  • Request it on your local Christian radio station. (If you live in Indianapolis/Anderson area, listen for it soon.)

Leave a comment on this post (doesn’t have to be separate comments, whatever is easiest for you) and tell me what you are doing to help support this new band!  I will choose random winners on Wednesday, July 7th.   So get your entries in.  :o)

All participation is greatly appreciated!  Thank YOU!  Best of luck and most of all, enjoy this new CD!

Legal Disclosure: Like I said, I am not compensated for this giveaway.  The iTunes gift cards and iPod shuffle are straight from me, and the t-shirt and CD are provided by John Tibbs Music.

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  1. Mindy! Thanks so much for the comments on my blog. It is really encouraging to know that other people understand and that we can go through tough times together. I am excited about this music. I love the cover art and listened to the acustic version on John Tibbs website, it was really good. I hope they have lots of success. I am thankful that we are able to connect through our blogs and I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

  2. You go, Mindy girl!!! Right on sister! How fabulous of you… I will be posting soon, all of this too. I've been lagging since I was gone to Valparaiso/Chicago/Great time!!!!!
    Let's plan for the album release on July 6 (?) in Anderson @Madison Park.

  3. Ok… first of all for some reason your new post and new blog WASN'T showing up on my blogroll… Sooooo – I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!!!
    Second of all… This is my any ole comment :o)
    Third of all… I will be blogging about it :o)

  4. And here is my any old comment….

    Mindy, if this band becomes super popular and tours the world, will you become a groupie? Or a roadie?

  5. I add John Tibbs as my Facebook friend (awaiting his approval)! Can you believe I've made it to 2010 and I don't have an ipod? I think it would be quite swell to catch up with this crazy 'new' technology :)

  6. Wow, this is terrific!!! Please count me in! Got my fingers crossed for that Ipod.I have never owned one but then I am always a step behind in trends! ha!!! Have a great week.Thank you for this chance.

  7. my sweet friend Carrie sent me over here! the band sounds terrific (literally)
    thanks for the giveaway…..can't wait for July 7th!

  8. What a cool prize! Or prizes!
    You must really love this music!
    I know how you feel…..sometimes it's just worth sharing!

  9. I'm now going to try and get some of these things done! Half of them are done already with out entering the contest. Here's to fingers and toe being crossed.

  10. What an amazing giveaway. I think my son and I would both enjoy this.

    gr8kidsgr8fam at yahoo dot com

  11. What a great giveaway! I would love to win! I so need a new IPOD! lol ok, will be happy with any of the prizes!
    Maggie M.

  12. I don't twitter, so I couldn't get the free download…but I have now listened to the song on John's page at least 3 times. It's great!

  13. I called our local Christian radio station WLJN and I requested some John Tibbs! They were happy to play it!

  14. Congratulations to your boyfriend! Thank you for a passion of sharing the Gospel.

    rachelschmidt at gmail dot com

  15. I added John Tibbs as a friend on facebook.
    You should really tell him to make a fan page for the band rather than just a personal page. In the long run they will be able to get more fans. There's a friend limit on a normal facebook page but on a fan/like page there's no limit.

  16. I'm really sorry that I missed this giveaway! But I love your blog and will definitely be back!

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