Honda Civic Hybrid Love

Before I’ve even had the chance to blog about my new car, I’ve already put 1,000 miles on it!  If you’re counting, I know it’s only been 2 weeks… but I’ve already been back and forth to school each day and oh yeah, drove it to Indiana this past weekend!  Definitely put it to the test and it PASSED!

So let me start at the beginning.  Just this summer, I started entertaining the idea of getting a new car.  My Mom and Ryan were the ones who started persuading me, as I didn’t really want to give up my little Mitsubishi Eclipse.  I mean, yeah I’ve had it for 6 years (my first car) and I may have been outgrowing it (not literally)… but I thought I was too attached.  There’s a lot of memories to go along with the 50,000+ miles I put on it.  From when my Dad first bought me the car when I was 15.5, to water gun fights, to school in Indiana, and of high significance.. .driving it from Missouri to the Florida Keys..and back.  (May I add that trip was with no problems except maybe being squished into a small car for way too long.)  Anyway, it’s been super reliable through all these years and hey..even though Ryan would never stop complaining about how cramped it was, it was the perfect size for me.

Back to the story… My Mom put the idea in my head and after some initial hesitation, I started searching online.  Just to see what was out there, you know.  I pretty much already knew what I wanted, as I’ve always said my next car would be a Hybrid (I even said it here.)  I narrowed it down to a Honda Civic and soon realized that most were for sale from dealers and not private owners.  I have something against car dealers (sorry) and wasn’t really liking that idea.  But I was really starting to like the idea of getting a new car, especially a Hybrid to save gas (and the planet!)

While searching that week, I came upon a 2006 Civic in white, about four hours from here, in the hands of a private owner.  It had a clean title, no accidents, one owner, good mileage… the whole package.  The next thing I knew, we were contacting her and setting up a time to go check it out.  The owner at the time, Heather, lives four hours from here, but she happened to be visiting a friend two hours from here.  It worked out nicely to go test drive it that day!

Oh, except for the fact that my check engine light came on for the first time ever on my Eclipse and I had anxiety like no body’s business.  However, we hit a bump on our way to Auto Zone and the light turned off.  Alrighty then… so we headed out of town.  Along with my sub-conscious anxiety.  Who knew I would get so anxious over such a thing?  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  But let me tell you, it happened.  I had extremely painful stomach cramps that entire day.  I didn’t think I would be able to get out of my car and test drive the other one, but I somehow managed.  It was a rough day.

All that aside, however, I loved the car!  It was in excellent condition, and by excellent, I mean it felt like a brand new, 4-year old car.  If you ever wanted to buy a car from someone, it was her.  I knew that if I kept searching for cars, I would not find anything better.  It was calling my name.  So I called her that evening (well actually Ryan did because I was in bed trying to heal my anxious tummy) and that was that.  I was about to become the owner of a Honda Civic Hybrid!!!!

Yes, suddenly, after just less than week of searching and coming to terms with the idea, I was emptying my bank account, making arrangements for the purchase, putting my Eclipse up for sale, and jumping up and down because I was getting an awesome new (used) car!!!!  I quickly got over the fact that it was hard to let go of my old car… because the new one that was replacing it was saweeet.

Two days later, we were on our way to pick it up.  (Camera in hand of course, had to document this momentous occasion.)

Handed over the check, signed the Bill of Sale, and it was official.  (That’s Heather, the previous owner, on the left!)

I know she was kind of sad to see her car go, but I was EXCITED to be on the other end of the deal!  I got in, started it up, and couldn’t believe it was actually mine!

Ryan and I took turns driving it home (yes, it can claim it too, as he liked Civics first) on the Missouri hills, trying out some hyper-miling tricks… and got some amazing gas mileage.  Check it out…

Yes, that’s almost 50 MPG!  My Eclipse certainly didn’t get bad gas mileage (20-30 MPG), but FIFTY!  I’ll take it.

Since this post is kind of wordy, I’m going to do more of a “review” post on the car soon. With pictures of the interior too.

But for now, here’s some pictures of my car, right before Ryan and I left to Indiana on Saturday.

If you can’t already tell, I love, love, love it and am really glad I made the decision sooner rather than later.

“Start looking for a new car”  was on my summer to-do list, so consider it done.  Now to sell my old car so I can have some gas money.  ;o)





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  1. hiyaluv Avatar
    cute dress, lovely car and congrats on your fabulous purchase! bravo my friend! enjoy your ride! smiles, gina
  2. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    Love it!!!!
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