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After sleeping in on Saturday morning (July 17th), Corey, Christy, Ryan, and I got ready for the beach.  They were taking us to one of their favorite local beaches, Playalinda, along the Cape Canaveral National Seashore.  Playalinda is Spanish for “Pretty Beach” and the name fits it quite well!

First, they took us on a short nature drive since it was on the way there.  It was really nice to see what Florida looks like without any human disturbance, even though we didn’t see many exotic birds.  Wrong time of the year for that.

Florida 2010  7058

Florida 2010  7066

Florida 2010  7055

Florida 2010  7048

Then we got out to smell the wildflowers…

Florida 2010  7077

Florida 2010  7073

Florida 2010  7071

Okay, that’s not really why we got out.  But we found some pretty ones while we were looking for alligators.  To our disappointment, we did not spot any alligators that day.  They were hiding from the hot mid-day sun.  Can you blame them?

Florida 2010  7082

However, we did find a raccoon …. in the trash can!!  Ryan saved its life.

Then it was off to Playalinda Beach for the day.  It is the southern-most beach of a 24 mile stretch of undeveloped beaches… there’s nothing but sand dunes, waves, wildlife, and sunshine… oh and a few toilets (no running water) for your convenience.   There is also a NASA launch pad nearby incase you weren’t aware we are talking about the Space Coast.

It was truly a gem of a beach.

Florida 2010  7091

Florida 2010  7190

Florida 2010  7205

Florida 2010  7086

I Heart Florida (Read: Ryan dear, can we plleeasseee move there?)

Florida 2010  7169

Florida 2010  7155

We enjoyed a day of boogie boarding, which sure took a lot of energy to fight the rough waves and currents.  Lots of fun, nonetheless!

Videos coming soon, including shots where I hit the waves at the wrong time!  :)

Florida 2010  7108

Florida 2010  7220

Florida 2010  7210

I’m hesitant to post this next picture, because the waves were causing some major wardrobe malfunctions.  I would recommend a one piece for boogie boarding.  I think it’s one of those things that tourists discover while locals sit back and laugh.

Florida 2010  7226

Florida 2010  7099 Florida 2010  7088

I hated to leave such a beautiful beach.  Oh, who am I kidding, I hated to leave the state of Florida…

Florida 2010  7084

Look at that view!!  Literally in the middle of no where.  That’s what makes it so great!

Before leaving, we made a quick stop at lot #13. Words of the wise: That ordinance on the sign is not enforced.

After a fun day in the sun, we went back home and ate spaghetti for dinner, got some more ice cream at Bruster’s, and rented the movie “Shutter Island.”  At first I was firmly against watching it, as I thought it would be too scary, but after we realized there weren’t many good movies to choose from, I gave in.  And I even watched it again a few weeks later!   Although a bit creepy, it is a good one.





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  1. CarrieJo Avatar
    Love the pictures…especially the one of you two with Florida beautifulness behind you! Looks so fun! But I heard that Indy is way better than Florida anyday…just sayin… :)
  2. Mindy Avatar
    I love that picture too!
    Ha, you aren't helping me Carrie!! ;)
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