5 Reasons You’ll Love Mindy

Hey everyone out there in M^2 land. This is Ryan Ray filling in for Mindy today. She bragged on me a little bit in the last post so I thought I’d take over and try to make her blush. We’ve been dating for almost 5 years now, it’s been awesome. Without being too mushy gushy I’ve loved hanging out with her and continually getting to know more about her as we continue to spin on this Earth day by day. She’s super fun and super cute, I know you’ll agree, so I’d thought I’d share my 5 reasons you’ll love Mindy. Here goes nothing… :)

5 – She’s Shy

Yeah, aren’t we all. I do admit though that she was much bolder than I was when we first started hanging out. We probably both played a little too hard to get. I think her shyness is pretty cute though. It was fun trying to get past both of our shynesses.

4 – Quite Petite

If you couldn’t tell Mindy is what some call “fun sized.” Standing proud at 5’0 and barely 100lbs she rocks a small frame. I’d argue she does it well. It’s easy to carry her on your back or in your arms, or when she can’t make it up a hill on her bike… thank goodness! She may have trouble keeping the sun out of her eyes when driving, because the visors don’t go low enough. And it’s hard for her to find jeans that are short enough. Either way despite those advantages/disadvantages I love the way she is.

3 – Humor

She’s got a great sense of humor. She even puts up with my corny one. I think she inherited it from her Mom and Dad, she likes to prank me just like her mom pranks all of her friends. Did she tell you about the time I was napping at her house and her and her mom thought it was a good idea to put a daddy long leg on me to wake me up? Oh she didn’t!? That’s funny.

2 – Easy on the Eyes

If you disagree with this statement, well then we have problems. I wouldn’t mind being closer to my girlfriend so I could get a glance of her everyday. Pictures suffice though for now I guess. Just help me convince her to get an iPhone 4 so we can use FaceTime!

1 – Loves You

Definitely a good reason to love Mindy is because she loves you right back, unconditionally. You have to know I’ve made her mad, but she still loved me the next day. She has such a sweet personality and big heart you can’t help but love her right back.

So I did my best to convince you, I just think you’ll need to spend some time with her to see what I’m talking about if you aren’t convinced already! Thanks for letting me sneak in a post, perhaps I’ll try and sneak in another time soon. Have a good one!






4 responses to “5 Reasons You’ll Love Mindy”

  1. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    So sweet!!!
  2. Saranray Avatar
    Ryan boy, what a sweet thing for you to do!!!! I love the guest blog attack and think you should do it more often. I agree… She is amazing!!
  3. CarrieJo Avatar
    How cute! :)
  4. Tiffn07 Avatar
    I’d have to agree with all of these! Especially the last one… Mindy is about as caring as they come!

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