Reliving Our Florida Trip

Along with all the photos I posted from the trip that Ryan and I took to Florida this summer (see here, here, here.. and well, I think you get the picture- literally), I now have a nice video that Ryan created from a few video clips of boogie boarding, bowling.. and well, you’ll just have to look yourself!

I am so excited to watch it over and over and relive the moments for a minute… but you guessed it… it makes me want to go back.  I miss my cousins AND the ocean, and they’re both in the same place in Florida.  Umm, I think there’s room in my schedule in December… :)   (Hey, my wishful thinking worked last time when I made my summer to-do list! Oh and heck, I’ll add “get hitched” again for kicks.  Winter to-do list?)

It might take a minute for it to load (if your internet is as slow as mine) but the full HD experience is worth it.  Enjoy!

THANKS Ryan for making this video!






2 responses to “Reliving Our Florida Trip”

  1. Saranray Avatar
    Cute, cute! The drums and skeleton are a classic! Are you trying to say… you ARE getting hitched this winter? I see a destination wedding in FL for you and Ryan.
  2. Christychesnut Avatar
    Mindy! I laughed, I cried, I loved it!!! We had so much fun with you guys, and I can’t wait for you to return. You know you are welcome ANYTIME! Plan a trip (or honeymoon) soon so we can make more memories. :-) Love you!

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