Darah & Micah Preview

On Sunday, Ryan and I did a photo session just for kicks and giggles of my cousin Darah and her boyfriend, Micah.  Isn’t that way cool that their first names BOTH end in “ah”?

Technically, I took photos and Ryan took video (which you will see later on of course).  It was a beautiful day outside for a February in Missouri – the sun was shining- the snow was almost melted-  the perfect day to capture photos of a couple in love. ♥  And better yet, of my lovely cousin!

Here’s a preview of the love birds… I adore them (the photos AND the couple, that is)…

Stay tuned for some more photos after I finish editing.

For now, tell me what you think.  I even welcome constructive criticism! :)






5 responses to “Darah & Micah Preview”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    I think they are great, I like that their outfits work really well with the environment and colors. :)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      I agree!!!
  2. Kate Eschbach Avatar
    Kate Eschbach
    Oh, these are great! Great job!
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  4. Alex Earnhardt Avatar
    Alex Earnhardt
    They look great! You had a perfect day to shoot!

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