Family Roller Skating Night

My Aunt Marcie, who has been here visiting for the past week, initiated a family roller skating night this past Thursday.  She has been on the East Coast, where skating is apparently the cool thing to do. I laughed at her at first, not thinking she was so serious, until they actually planned the skating night!

I have never been good at roller skating, and I honestly have not been skating in 10+ years.  I’ve only gone a handful of times in my life.  I knew it wouldn’t be pretty, but I was willing to try it.  Ryan was also here this past week and was up for it too.  Good thing I’m feeling a little more comfortable in my skin as a 23 year old!  Or at least around my family who know me quite well by now. ;o)

So, Ryan, his Mom, my Mom, my brother Steven, my Aunt Marcie, and I went skating.  For the first time in 10…20…30 years.  There were a few show-offs among the group and some more cautious skaters.  But we won’t mention any names!  hehe.  Oh and thank goodness we had the rink to ourselves on a Thursday night – that could’ve been embarrassing.

The fun part is, we filmed the hilarity and I made a lovely little video for you to see.  Go ahead and laugh…I did too!

P.S. – It’s ironic that I just found some of the CUTEST skates while browsing Pinterest.





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  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Nice work girl! The song is a perfect match. ;)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks boyfriend.  :)  I’m trying to take the video editing job so I can have a job.  lol  

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