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  • [M]^2 + [R]^2

    This story is featured on The Love Story Project today, 11/6! Today I am all giddy inside thinking about a very special boy in my life and the day that I met him, 4 years ago to this date. So because today is the beginning of it all, I’m going to share our love story. […]

  • Not Me! Monday

    This blog carnival of Not Me! Monday was started by MckMama. You should join in and share your not me moments, especially this week when you could win a prize! Once you start writing, you will think of ideas– trust me! You just have to be brave enough to “confess” them. Here’s some things I […]

  • Not Me! Monday

    Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Two Saturdays ago, you wouldn’t have found me talking on the phone just shy of 4 hours, with the conversation ending at 3 AM. Nope, and I didn’t miss church the next morning!! And Ryan certainly wasn’t right in his prediction when he […]

  • 2 months.

    Before now, the longest I had ever been away from my Dad (and Mom) was just about 2 months, between the beginning of AU Spring Semester 08 and Spring Break. But that was totally different. My Dad was still at home, and the distance that separated us was only temporary. I could hear his voice […]

  • Some official, and not so official, news

    I think it’s so sweet how babies/toddlers do different things when they’re falling asleep. I’m not talking about crying, but what I mean is like when my second cousin Amelia holds on to your ear, another little girl plays with your hair, a little boy rubs your arms— and they’re all so gentle about it! […]