Senior Pictures

When Ryan was here over his Easter break (more on that soon), he brought my his camera home to take Steven’s (my brother) senior pictures. My brother was less than enthused to get his pictures taken, at least in the beginning. He didn’t even want to shower or look nice for the pics, but we somehow convinced him to at least try. The kid never gets new clothes (he doesn’t want them), but he’s been wearing my Dad’s clothes since he passed away. They’re a little too big for him, but he wears them with pride. So anyway, we worked with what we had and chose some outfits and headed outside. Steven didn’t even want to leave our yard at first, and just expected Ryan to shoot “a few” pictures. He almost flipped out when Ryan said he would be taking probably 200 or more.

But as Ryan started snapping some pictures, Steven started getting into it. He even thought of some ideas and started posing/modeling. We first went outside in the middle of the afternoon, when the sun was too bright. Those pictures didn’t turn out too well since Steven was squinting and the lighting just was too much. So we went back out the next evening, which was good except for the wind (not that it could really mess his hair up anyway). Steven seemed to enjoy it more, besides the fact that he wouldn’t hold a pose for long and Ryan had to be quick for an impatient subject. We ventured out of our yard, down the road a bit and into our neighbor’s yard. There’s a lot of scenery around here in the country so we found some good places with some barns, a creek, etc. I say “we” because I followed them around and assisted. I held the reflector and fought with the wind and made funny faces for Steven. I wasn’t the best assistant in the world (wearing heels one day and a skirt the next, being short, not knowing what I was doing) but I got the job done. ;)
Ryan edited the pics and sent them our way after he got back to Indiana. After taking hundreds of pictures, he got quite a few good ones. He’s a really good photographer (contact me if you want to hire him), just one of his many, many talents. He also took some pictures of Steven and I together, and Steven took a few cute ones of Ryan and I.. but I’m still waiting on those. Come back for those later. For now, here are some of my favorites…

And hey, just for kicks.. here’s some of my senior pictures taken 3 and a half years ago (AH, I’m getting old). A girl in the class below me, a photographer with a natural talent, took mine. She also took the pictures of Ryan and I (seen in my header).

Yeah I know, I can’t try to pretend my brother and I aren’t related. ;o)

I’m feeling bloggy!

Tonight was my brother’s Senior Prom! If you knew my brother, you would be very surprised that he rented a tux and went to Prom! His date was his truck and he got a vest and tie to match it. Hunter green. Well actually he just came home with a girl and informed me that he really did have a date. News to me! He’s a funny kid. I don’t talk about him on here much because we are totally different people and can’t relate very well. But hey, we’re still brother and sister.

My Mom and I snuck in to Prom earlier today to see how it looked and to take some pictures. It was really awesome!! The theme is “The Captain’s Prom” and they made it look like it was on a ship. It’s in the Middle School cafeteria but they did a great job of decorating to make you forget where you really are. I actually felt nostalgic as I looked around at all the decorations… It surprised me because I would not go back to high school, but I did have lots of fun at our Proms with Ryan. He was a hott date and it made me a little sad we don’t get all dressed up and go to Prom anymore.

My brother said there was valet parking… how cool is that?!

In other news, I’ve been really really busy chasing my kitten around. Seriously, she is almost like taking care of a baby. She (still without a name) cries a lot and sometimes for no apparent reason. I think she is lonely for other kittens, poor thing. Also, my hands are all scratched up because she doesn’t have her siblings to beat up. She loves to follow us around the house, be held, and of course.. play!
She is sooo precious when she is falling asleep (and how I am glad when she finally does). Today she fell asleep on my shoulder (she likes to sit there) and it was quite uncomfortable for me. Especially when she leaned over on my head. See? She was asleep like that!

But the bad news? She has fleas. EW,ew,ew! And she is too young for any flea treatment yet so I’ve had to use a flea comb, give her two baths (FYI: cats don’t like water), and clean the house so we don’t get fleas! The flea comb reminds me of when I had lice in elementary school and it seriously grosses me out. I’m determined to get rid of these fleas FAST.
I also researched kittens the other day and it said that 6 weeks (her age) is too young for them to be taken away from their mother. 8-12 weeks is best, mostly because they need all the nutrients from their mother’s milk. So I am buying her some kitten milk formula to keep her healthy! She isn’t really eating dry food yet either. But she is doing good for being so young.

And for even more news, I only have one more week of classes (plus the Monday of finals week)! How exciting is that?! I have three finals and one paper left, to be exact. I’m so close and I am losing motivation quickly. (But I better find more motivation when I start summer classes.)
And guess what’s even better?!? Ryan will be home in a week!!! Seriouslycan’twait. I am getting so impatient. I need to write about the last time I saw him (spring break/Easter) because I didn’t do that yet. Shame shame, I’m a slacker blogger!

I hope you had a good May Day! April flew right past me, but it always does. I spent my day babysitting some really sweet kids I hadn’t seen in a while. Oh, and before and after that I babysat my cat. Ha.

My license plates expired today and since Missouri had a new plate design a year or two ago, I had to get brand new ones. I’ve actually had personalized plates since I started driving and I decided I would just get regular plates this time. Oh and by the way, the new design is really dumb. It’ll be hard to get used to my car without my name on it, but I can still distinguish my car from others since it’s always so dirty from our gravel road.
Here’s my old plates that said my old nickname “Minday.” Maybe I’ll get personalized plates again someday, but for now I’ll be like everyone else.

I hope you enjoyed this real blog post. :o)

Surprise Spring Picnic

On late Sunday afternoon, my Mom and I took my paternal Grandparents on a surprise picnic to a near-by spring (where we had my Dad’s memorial service).

They were pleasantly surprised when they figured out where we ended up! We drove around and then had chicken salad sandwiches, chips, and cookies for our picnic dinner.

They are in their mid-eighties — and my other Grandma is in her late eighties; both sets of my Grandparents are old relative to my age. Explanation: My Dad was the youngest of five and my Mom (along with her twin brother) was a surprise when my Grandma was 40 years old.

My Grandpa is in the fairly early stages of Alzheimer’s and my Grandma is still recovering from a broken hip/hip surgery from July. She broke her hip right before my Dad passed away. They were actually in the hospital at the same time and when he went home, she was still there. He passed away about a week later and the next time she saw him his Spirit had already gone to Heaven. I was so broken hearted that she didn’t get to say her goodbyes like everyone else did. I was hurting for both of them for having to see their son pass before them. It’s not supposed to be out of order like that.

Therefore, they don’t get out much and they live in an assisted living home, so they were really excited to get away and take a scenic ride. We were happy to take them!

We saw a lot of these purple flowers (Wild Sweet William), Dogwoods (Missouri’s state tree), Redbuds, Mayapples… and an unidentified blue flower that you see above? We didn’t see any wildlife though, besides a few birds! They must’ve been hiding.

I love my Grandparents and I haven’t seen them enough lately!

On another related note…

Tonight (Monday) I saw the first firefly of this season! It always makes me so giddy for summer. :)

This past weekend I also…
-Slept 12 hours on Friday night. Pure bliss.
-Had a nice, long chat with an old friend.
-Watched Where the Wild Things Are and shared popcorn with.. myself. One word to describe the movie: different.

It was a fairly good weekend, especially compared to my predictions of what it might be like after a depressing night on Thursday. I’m better now.

Saturday Catch-Up

How does time slip away so quickly? I haven’t blogged since Monday and I didn’t mean for that to happen. I can’t blame it on tests again… but I can blame it on the fact that I feel like the energy is sucked out of me every day.

I hope I don’t bore you, but I don’t know where else to start except with a catch-up…

The beginning of this week brought some snow… not 9 inches like they first predicted, but enough that my Mom had to drive me to class for a few days. My brother (who is a senior in HS) had half a week of snow days! Not fair!

I had three appointments this week… doctor, dentist, and therapist!

I went to the doctor because my therapist recommended anxiety medicine. It’s actually an anti-depressant, but also helps anxiety — and is very much needed in my life right now. It takes about two weeks to start working so I’m patiently waiting…

Oh, but also my Mom started on the same medicine yesterday. Her blood pressure is dangerously high and it’s probably due to stress/anxiety. (Anxiety is hereditary, did you notice?) We are currently trying to get new health insurance right now and I think we are about to get rejected.

My dentist appointment was fine since they didn’t take x-rays (and hence the words ‘wisdom teeth’ were not mentioned).

My therapy appointment was more talk about anxiety. (I’m tired of saying that word.)

I babysat Wednesday night and Friday night. I am also babysitting tomorrow (Valentine’s Day! That’s what happens when your bf is long-distance.)

Even though I didn’t end up with any cancelled classes due to snow, my Psych class was cancelled on Wednesday. I also have two cancelled classes in the upcoming week. Yesss.

I found out my other test scores from last week. Good and bad news.
In Ecology I got over 100. (Even though I missed 9, I got 11 points extra credit. He made commonly missed ones extra credit, which happens to be ones that I knew.)
In Genetics I got an 83… I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s one of my worst test scores ever. It’s frustrating because I do understand the material, but I was rushed to get the extremely long test finished in 50 minutes.

On Thursday night, I went to a worship service on campus held by the Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF). I told my therapist I would go in November.. and I know it’s February, but hey– better late than never! A friend from high school went with me and it was really good! They are doing a series on The Sermon on the Mount and that night it was about Matthew 5:27-30 (Adultery/Lust/Sex). We plan to go back on Thursday nights.

If you recall, I am reading the Bible in one year. I got behind in the past week (because again, I am so tired all the time), but I intend on getting caught up.

Whoa (sad):
I actually fixed my hair and put on make-up yesterday… I had to send my bf a picture!

Does anyone have any ideas for this exhaustion and also disruptive sleep? I wonder if it is related to the a word or maybe depression and perhaps my medicine will help…

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It wasn’t me….

I did not yet again fall for and believe the predicted snowfall amounts… you know, the forecast they changed from 10 inches to maybe, half of that. They were a bit off on this “big snowstorm”, but of course they’re still making a big deal out of it. When will I learn? Sigh.

Since the forecast has changed, I am still not hoping for the best (or worst, however you want to put it) … and for a cancelled class tomorrow. If I was, however, I might be thinking my professor has to commute from St. Louis and the roads may be slick. But of course, I’m not thinking that because I gave up on these high hopes. If only colleges cancelled as often as primary and secondary schools. My brother got out early today for no reason! The snow didn’t even stick to the road.

Seriously, it’s not me who is still talking about the weather and adding to the hype. I have better things to talk about.

I am not going to “toot my own horn” and say I made the highest grade in the class on my psych tests last week. Nope, not me!

Tomorrow is my 6 month check-up at the dentist and my Mom did not have to make the appointment because I would’ve put it off… ’til, maybe another 6 months. I’m not anxious that they might see my wisdom teeth… and I’m definitely not glad that we don’t have dental insurance so we can’t afford an x-ray. Nope, not me… I am a brave and smart patient!

Speaking of which… I did not have a nightmare (about a Dr appt today) that the doctor pulled out a huge needle and had to draw blood. Me? Imagining such a silly thing when I was going to the doctor for anxiety? Never!

I have not gained a few pounds lately because of the abundance of cookies and the extreme lack of exercise. Nope, not me!

Today I did not park illegally on the street because I couldn’t find a parking spot before class! The limited parking at MUST does not make me want to cuss! (I didn’t get a ticket though!)

It has not been an embarrassingly long amount of time since I’ve shaved my legs… umm, we won’t even go there!

And along those same lines, it is not becoming rare for me to wear make-up and fix my hair. What the heck? I’m not that lazy! I still want to look nice, even when my boyfriend isn’t here.

I am definitely not feeling disappointed about the fact that I’ve been entering a ton of giveaways and haven’t won another one since 2009. Nope, I’m happy with the significant amount of goodies I won in the end of 2009.

A ton of little things have not been getting on my nerves lately… nope, I only feel PMS-y a few days out of the month when there’s actual biological reason.

Okay, I’ve had enough confessing for one day! Do you have a Not Me! moment to share?