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  • 4th of July Carnival

    Happy 4th of July everyone!!! My cousin Mitch and his girlfriend Christina visited over the weekend, and Ryan drove to Missouri (again!) to join the fun. On Saturday night, we went to the local 4th of July carnival to watch the fireworks show. I brought my camera along because I’ve always wanted to take photos […]

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tibbs (Wedding Photography)

    Back in May, Ryan & I photographed John & Emily’s wedding (FYI: Ryan met John at college and plays drums with him).  It was my second wedding to photograph and I was super excited – especially since we rented some really nice lenses for the first time!

  • Death in His Grave

    I thought this was an appropriate time of year (Easter) to share with you my very favorite worship song.  (I do have a close second favorite, but I’d have to say this is first). Plus, the artist, John Mark McMillan, just posted on his blog a line-by-line commentary of the song, including verses to explain each […]

  • Home Video- Country Karaoke

    You may or may not know that when I was 8 years old, I thought I was the next country star.  ;-)  I went through a “cowgirl” phase, and well, it didn’t last long…

  • Behind the Scenes Video of Couples Photography

    Last week, I posted a preview of the photos I took of Darah and Micah, the lovebirds who happen to be my cousin and her boyfriend.  I mentioned that Ryan took video while I took photos… and I’m excited to present to you a behind the scenes video of couples photography, thanks to Ryan Ray!!! […]